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I would highly recommend Creative Designs & Events for wedding planning and coordination. They coordinated my best friend’s wedding and it was beautiful, so I felt like I could trust them. Tiffani was incredibly helpful throughout the entire planning process. I chose the coordination package, instead of the full planning, and I was shocked at how helpful and present Tiffani was during the planning. She sent me checklists to keep me on track, came to any vendors meeting I wanted her to be a part of, and gave advice whenever I needed. Tiffani came to the hotel where I was getting ready and made sure I had everything I needed! I could not have done it without them. They made our wedding look fantastic and feel as stress­free as it could be.

Taylor Mesa

Tiffani did an amazing job! I couldn’t have asked for more! She made the day of run so much smoother than it ever would have without her and was always there is any issue or question arose. I am a pretty organized, prepared person – but nothing could have prepared me for everything that arose on the day of and having her there to handle everything was amazing!

Elizabeth Clemson

For any bride who is going back and forth on getting an event planner:  STOP thinking and call Tiffani! Seriously, if I had to be responsible for all the little details on our wedding day then I would have completely lost my mind. I was going back and forth about getting a wedding planner thinking that I could use that money somewhere else, but after choosing Tiffani I realized that she was the best money spent. Tiffani probably saved me more money than she cost. She gave me my time back to focus on the family and memories that were going to be made that day. I didn’t have to worry about a thing! She also helped me get deals on vendors! For instance, my florist, Bianca Oeser, had worked with Tiffani before but her price was lower than other florists because she worked out of her home and didn’t have the overhead of owning her own store. She was great too! I could go on and on about how amazing Tiffani is! I’ve heard horror stories about brides picking the wrong planner for their personality or picking someone who doesn’t handle stress very well. Well I can assure all brides out there that Tiffani can keep her calm during any situation, she’s very professional, nice, creative, organized and she knows how to make the bride’s vision come through in the end! Thank You So Much Tiffani!

Mr. and Mrs. Sloan

Hiring a wedding planner was the best thing we could have done during our wedding planning process.. no wait.. hiring TIFFANI as our wedding planner was the best thing we could have done. Tiffani from Creative Events & Designs has it together. Tiffani was recommended to us by one of our vendors and we were told she was the “picture of calm” and that even if our church was burning down right before the ceremony, Tiffani would make sure it was all ok. I knew she was our girl. From the moment we paid our deposit, I had this sense of calmness that came over me that never left, even the day of the wedding! People commented on how calm I was that day and I truly believe it was because I knew I had nothing to worry about. Tiffani had everything taken care of and it was her goal to make everything just the way we wanted it. She is very organized.. I never took notes at any of our vendor meetings because I knew she was on top of it. We put the biggest day of our lives in Tiffani’s hands and she didn’t let us down. Many people have complimented us on how smooth and flawless our wedding was and I have to say it wouldn’t have been that way without Creative Designs & Events. Thanks Tiffani!

Jacie Abrahams